Welcome to Four Horsemen Brewery

Home of the Black Plague Stout, winner of the 2016 Washington Beer Awards. All of our Brews are made with 100% Local Washington Ingredients. Located just around the corner from Pacific Raceways. Stop by today and check out whats new on tap!

Hours of Operation

Thursday - Saturday: 12pm-7pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm

Our Location

Address: 30221 148th Ave SE, Kent, WA 98042
*Click the map below for directions*

Our Brews

**NEW** Appleyptic Cider
ABV = 5.5%
This Apple Hard Cider is our Newest Release! It’s a semi-sweet, crisp and light beverage that speaks to Washington with its flavors.

Blonde Zombie (Lager)
ABV = 6.0% IBU = 10
A light in color, smooth and crisp lager that has notes of apple and pear and easily drinkable year round.

Black Zomberry Lager (Blackberry Lager)
ABV = 6.5% IBU = 5
A fruit undertone cold fermented beer using summer blackberries, picked on the property, and fermented using our flagship lager recipe to make a delicious summer style beer. Fruit notes are light, aromatic, and pucker. A great intro beer for newcomers into the craft beer world.

Pestilence (Amber Ale)
ABV= 6.0% IBU = 20
A light red hue gives this beautiful amber beer a visually stimulating look. It has a fruit notes of guava, peach and a hint of mango. The hops come forward in the nose and taste, with no lingering bitterness. A balance of maltiness and hoppiness makes this beer enjoyable year round and is a great intro beer for those who don’t like bitter beers but want something enjoyable to sip on.

Black Plague (Stout)
ABV= 6.5% IBU = 15
An award winning stout won the “Best Washington Malt Beer Award” in 2016 because of its malt forward taste and smooth mouth feel. It has notes of coffee, and chocolate. Coffee and Chocolate flavors come forward from roasted barley (Made in House) and is enjoyable by many coffee connoisseurs. No coffee is actually added and yet those notes come forward from the roasting process.

Hazy (IPA)
ABV= 6.0% IBU = 20
This style of IPA leans towards the flavor profile that satisfies that balance between bitterness and smoothness. It has hints of fruits in the aroma and a pale color. This beer quenches the pallet of those that enjoy a tangy bitterness while they look forward to another sip.

Survival of the Fittest (S.O.F.I. IPA)
ABV= 6.0% IBU = 20
With strength and agility, this IPA is the brewers creation and evolution of our best IPA’s. This style of IPA is constantly evolving and has consistently reaches a balance between bitterness and smoothness. It has forward hints of fruits in the aroma and a pale color. This beer quenches the pallet of those that enjoy new style IPA and wants to be a part of the enjoyment of new creations that keep evolving into even better creations.

S.O.F.I. Juicy (Survival of the Fittest Juicy IPA)
ABV= 7.5% IBU = 30
This is the newest creation our brewer has made for our guests and beer enthusiasts. It is a juicy style IPA that imparts notes of pineapple, honeydew, and citrus. These flavors come from a low flocculating ale yeast beer that give these flavors and aromas during fermentation. It is hop forward and floral from the double Amarillo hop additions as well.

Black Plague (Imperial Stout) NITRO
ABV= 9.5% IBU = 20
A bourbon barrel aged stout that gives you the warmth from a higher ABV beer without hitting you in the face with bitterness. This imperial stout has barley from Skagit Valley Malting, but roasted by Four Horsemen Brewery, to make a chocolate malt that is perfect in this style. It is aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months, to bring forward some vanilla, coffee, oaky, and malty flavors. A pure enjoyment for those wanting to enjoy the flavors of the Pacific Nortwest.

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